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Standard IPA

$7 Pint/ 7.0%
Virginia 2-Row. El Dorado. Citra.

Standard Ragsbirra

$5/Pint 5.0%
Contemporary American Pilsner with Citra

Standard Lager

$5/Pint 3.8%
Virginia 2-row. Saaz.

Standard Winter Warmer

$7/Pint 7.9%
Dark Lager brewed with Spices

Standard Table Saison

$5/Pint 4.0%
VA 2-row. Appalachian Wheat. Lemon.

Standard Famous DeRamus

$8/pint 10.0%
Coffee Toffee Toffee Coffee Stout

Ancillary* Fermentation Juicy India Pale Ale

$7/Pint 7.0%
Rotating Hops


Botanist & Barrel "Standard Private Label"

$7/12oz 8%
VA Crab Apples. Sauvignon Blanc Barrels. NC Sweet Apples.

Botanist and Barrel Ciderkin

$6/16oz 4%
Session Cider


Ermita San Felices Crianza--Tempranillo

$9 (Draft) 13.5%
Dried Cherry. Woodsy. Warming spices.

Familie Bauer Zweiglet Rose

$9 Glass/ $35 Bottle 12.0%
Red berries. Delicate citrus.

Joao Pato Vinho Branco

$13 Glass / $35 Bottle 13.5%
Zesty pineapple. Lemon. Subtle minerality.

Joao Pato ˜Espumante Rosa"

$13 Glass / $35 Bottle 12.5%
Ripe cherry. Lively bubbles. Mouth watering.

Schloss Muhlenhoff "Boden Funk" Sauvignon Blanc

$12 Glass / $30 Bottle 12.5%
Tropical fruit. Subtle citrus. Refreshing.

Krasno Orange

$12 Glass / $34 Bottle 13.0%
Dried fruits. Peaches & cream. Luxurious, long finish.

2019 Vallisto Extremo, Criolla, Calchaquies

$13 Glass / $35 Bottle 13.5%
Fresh Red Fruits. Pomegranate. Friendly Tannin.

Krasno Ribolla Gialla

$11 Glass/ $33 Bottle 12.0%
Meyer lemon. pie crust. elegant bubbles.

La Cave du Prieure Gamay Rose

$11 Glass / $28 Bottle 10.5%
Dry. Spiced strawberry. Full texture.